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#75 Linen Cardi

#075 by Hitomi Shida (志田 ひとみ)

Started May 15, 2019 - Finished May 23, 2019 (gray cardi)

#075 Three Linen cardi marathon

Pattern: #075 by Hitomi Shida (志田 ひとみ)

Craft: Knitting

Size: 36" bust

Needles & yarn


US 0 - 2.0 mm

US 2½ - 3.0 mm

Yarn used

3,220 yards


Alize Bahar

How much?

4.2 skeins = 1150.8 yards (1052.3 meters), 420 grams


55 White

Color family



Knit Picks Lindy Chain

How much?

6 skeins = 1080.0 yards (987.6 meters), 300 grams


26453 Silver

Color family



Knit Picks Lindy Chain

How much?

5.5 skeins = 990.0 yards (905.3 meters), 275 grams



Color family



How I do steeking using adhesive tape, can be found HERE

Prelude. I need simple cardi in plain colors gray, nude and white for everyday use. So I have picked again this pattern because it is not too fancy or too plain, just right for everyday allover pattern. Linen cardi will be perfect during hot summer inside air-conditioned areas such as office, grocery stores or even house. I have noticed that in high humid areas, air-condition feels super cold than in arid states. So here we go…

Construction. On US 3 cast on 199 sts (12 sts x 16 reps) + 7 sts in plain stockinette for steeking after the garment is done. Knitted in rounds , then steeked later.

Bodice. On US 3 knitted 1x1 ribbing for 2” with 199 sts, then started to knit #75 pattern for 3 reps +17 rows (used about 2.5 balls) up to armsye.

Sleeves. Knitted 1x1 ribbing for 1” , then with 40 sts, then increased st count to 48 and started to knit #75 pattern for 2 resp +17 rows (used about 0.5 balls for each sleeve).

Yoke. With (288 sts +7sts)=295 sts in rounds and Row 18 on the pattern, started to decrease on Row 24 2 times on every other row on the before and after sleeve sts ( 4 decrease places), Then started to decrease on every row (starting on Row 28) 16 times (247 sts in round). Then started to decrease every other row starting with Row 6 at 8 decreasing places 6 times: before and after each shoulder stitch marker until 175 sts are left.

Continuation of yoke: Shaping neckline.

When knitting Row 17 at this point, bind off 6 sts at the end of the row, 7 steeking sts and 6 sts after (total binded off 19 sts and 156 sts in round) for neck shaping. On the next row cast on another 7 sts over this binded off area for the next steeking. Now it looks like “a gigantic button hole”, which will be cut in the middle creating beautiful neckline. Continued to shape neckline as following: decrease 1 st at each shoulder in 8 place EVERY 4TH ROW 5 times AND at the same time decreased 1 st before and after steeking sts on EVERY ROW. Continue to knit as established until 82 sts left (excluding steeking sts). Binded off all stitches. Applied permanent adhesive strip in the middle of 7 steeking sts and cut right in the middles of it. This way I don’t have do worry about loosing any stitches.

Button band and collar. On US 0 picked up 161 sts long each button band side and knitted 1x1 ribbing. Picked up 144 and reduced to 81 sts for collar and knitted 1x1 ribbing.

Pockets. On US 0 casted 24 sts and started to knit lace pattern for 1 motif long. Then knitted 5 rows of 1x1 ribbing. Sew on the desired places in cardi.

Button. Found another awesome mother pearl buttons hub on Etsy, found here. Lover her quality and service. Highly recommend her too. Made 18 button holes.

Notes for myself. Beige cardi: finished june 3 White cardi: I am using “Azik bahar” 100% mercerized cotton. Picked up 153 sts for the button band. Finished: June 10.

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