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Pearly rainbow trout cotton dress

Started June 11, 2019 - Finished June 23, 2019

Pattern "Mini Mania Scarf "by Sarah Core

Incorporates ZickZack Scarf

Needles & yarn

US 2½ - 3.0 mm

US 6 - 4.0 mm

US 8 - 5.0 mm

US 10 - 6.0 mm

US 11 - 8.0 mm

Yarn used 1,286 yards

Alize Bahar

2 skeins = 548.0 yards (501.1 meters),



Alize Bahar Batik

1.3 skeins = 369.2 yards (337.6 meters), 130 grams



Color family: Blue

Alize Bahar Batik

1.3 skeins = 369.2 yards (337.6 meters), 130 grams

Colorway: 1822 Pinks Greens

Color family: Pink

Bahar Batik

by Alize


100% Cotton

284 yards / 100 grams


My story behind this dress. I wanted to create more rainbow colored clothes to reclaim its true meaning: Each color means something to Jesus as Bible explains. For example: green means faith, blue means law/ commandments, yellow = divinity, purple= royalty and so on. Jesus himself is dressed in rainbow (Revelation 10:1). The rainbow ultimately means walking in truth, faith, and love. True love does not self-indulge, pride or bend simple truth to fit our tastes… it is patient, long suffering, enduring, courageous, not self-righteous and against such, there are no politics (Galatian 5:23).

Prelude. This is an amazing linen stitch that creates sturdy fabric, so this dress can be easily without any “girl’s garments” (which is perfect for hot weather). But what really cool about this project is that it allows you to de-stash yarn leftovers. It does not matter what colors you are using and what sequence and how much of it, it just creates fun beautiful color palette. My dress ended up looking like a chalk drawing. Love it!!!!

The dress was being knitted during hot humid weather. I even knitted it while floating on the river on the inner tube :). So I am super excited when this cotton dress is ready and can enjoy it wearing in the sun.

Color coordination for linen st pattern. I am using 3 colors changing them on every row in this sequence: 5547 (turquoise), black, 1822 (pink/ green). By pleasant surprise the result is pearly rainbow like a rainbow trout’s scales on the sun. The way I kept track of what color go next (sometimes it hard to see): I started to knit all colors from one side so that 3 rows start from the wrong side of fabric, then 3 row on right side of fabric. Make sure that when you slip stitches, the strand always ends up on the right side of the fabric.

Top. The top will be knitted flat, but then rotated on its side to connect all pieces. ~Back : On US 6 casted on 39 sts and knitted the back of the top about 7.5” wide and 14.5” long. ~Front: On US 6 casted on 75 sts and knitted for 9,5” long. 2 identical pieces are knitted. The the fronts will be pleated using darning needles to make same length as the back’s sides. However, the front pleats are a bit bigger creating shorter center (by design). Pictures will be provided to make sense out of it. picked up 150 sts around the top to make upper edging and knitted linen st pattern with black color.

Skirt. When the top was finished picked up 159 sts with black color and knitted belt for about 1/4”, then increased to 254 st count and started to knit zig zag pattern (2 rows for each color). Side note: I used the wrong side of zigzag pattern to be the right side because I liked how to wrong fabric comes out better for my dress. Knitted zig zag for about 7.5”, then increased again to 305 sts and using US 10 needles started to knit linen st pattern for 2”, and continue to knit zig zag pattern on US 8 for about 6”, the switches to US 10 for another 18 rows”. Side note: the 2 reason for switching needles size back and forth are first because linen st pattern is much tighter then garter stitch, second is because without increasing sts count the skirt widens toward the end and loosens up the fabric since I don’t want to be too heavy on the bottom. I wanted to create really loose (almost sloppy = gorgeous sheer or cheese cloth effect). Finally, the last section is linen st again on US 11 for 2”.

Straps and button band. On US 2.5 picked up 127 sts and knitted in seed st pattern. Made 12 button holes. Straps are done same (7 sts wide).

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