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Project 12: Brooklyn Tweed herringbone winter coat

Started Aug 26, 2012- finished Nov 5,2012

Knit Herringbone Scarf by Jaden Hair



Needle: US 10 - 6.0 mm

Yarn:Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

How much?30 skeins = 4290.0 yards (3922.8 meters)

Colorway: :Soot

Color family: Gray


by Brooklyn Tweed


100% Targhee-Columbia

140 yards / 50 grams


For whole 2 months, I had been looking for suitable texture for my winter coat. When I saw this pattern, I simply fell in love with it!

Oct 2: I am using double starnd to create super thick fabric for my winter coat. In addition, the herringbone texture adds additional thickness, which is perfect for this purpose. Gauge on US needle #10 is 4”X4” = 18Rx 20sts

I don’t have a pattern for my coat and I am simply using increases and decreases from the gauging. I have separately made a top-down skirt part. I am also knitting the bodice from top-down (a new technique for me).

Nov 4: Custom leather place attached trimming and leather embellishments. The coat was lined with batting, which made it really warm and thick. Simply love it!