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Project 18: Frost Flowers dress

Started Feb 28,2013 - Finished Apr 15, 2013

Frost Flowers by Barbara G. Walker

Craft: Knitting

Size: XS

Needle: US 1 - 2.25 mm

Yarn: Lichtfaden Pure Silk LACE

6 skeins = 2622.0 yards (2397.6 meters), 300 grams

Colorway: Sanssouci

Pure Silk LACE

by Lichtfaden


100% Silk

437 yards / 50 grams

My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials


Note on needles. If you knitting this yarn, Use WOODEN needles! It made a HUGE difference! I did not have a problem with sts slipping off. My fabric was coming out more dense and not as relaxed when I was using nickel pairs.

It is a very feminine motif, perfect for this yarn. I am making a dress out if it.

Skirt The skirt part is knitted from the bottom up, flat, in two pieces. I started with 306 sts (8 reps of 34sts for each piece), waist 119 sts (3.5reps for each piece, bigger than my waist substantially, but it is intentional). The skirt will be gathered by the waist band.

Waist band. I did 22 st wide band (including 2 selvage sts) using part of the pattern: k2, yo, ssk, on the right side and p2, yo, p2tog on the wrong side beading it (my first beading experience: I used crochet hook).

Bodice. Bodice has lots of pieces: 2 pieces (front and back) from the waist band to armsyes in the original pattern. And 2 shoulder pieces (front and back, I simply picked up stitches from the bottom bodice pieces) from armsyes to shoulders in the the same pattern as the waist band also beaded. These shoulders pieces were knitted to a desired hights, then gathered by the string (I crochet a long chain enough to go around the front and back). The top looked like a tank top where this string was like stripes holding the entire dress. I did not even bother to shape the shoulders because I have gathered them anyways.

Sleeves. Belled shaped. Picked up stitches around the armsyes/shoulders including my shoulder sections that had nothing but a chained string.

Slip. 100% polyester, curry color.

I am really pleased with this project. The yarn was incredible (soft and shiny). This garment is really dressy because of its delicate pattern and added beads. I will have to be very crafty to dress it down for work.

Note on the confusing timeline: for people who keep track of the timeline for this project. First, I posted January 28 cast on status. However, the life dictated different. I did not have a chance to start this project a month later due to another project that I had to do.

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