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Project 21_Frühling duet

Started July 3 2013 - Finished July 30,2013

Frühling by Herbert Niebling

Craft: Knitting

Size: XS

Needle: US 3 - 3.25 mm

Yarn: Silkindian Maharaja Silk Lace

2 skeins = 1400.0 yards (1280.2 meters), 200 grams

Colorway: Natural

Color family: Natural/Undyed

Maharaja Silk Lace

by Silkindian


100% Silk

766 yards / 100 grams


My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

This doily pattern is huge. I will attempt to convert it into dress and shrug. Pattern was purchased on Doilyheads site.

Note on the yarn. 100% Maharaja undyed silk purchased from Georgia yarn company much cheaply. The yarn takes my breath away, that is how much I like it.

Skirt part. Circular knitting, from top to bottom. Started at row 59, finished with 207 row with 3 reps wide on US #3 needles. The skirt is very high waisted. Ruffles embellish the bottom of the skirt. The leaves and the tulips are HUGE, which make my dress look so loud and bold! I love how my project is turning out.

Top. Cast on provisional cast so I can knit later the collar if I chose so or for adjustments. Circular knitting, seamless yoke, one piece. The top is attached to a skirt. All edges (sleeve edges, collar edges and waist seam) are embellished with I-cord wrapped around them on US #3.

Shrug. 1 piece, seamless, knitted in circle. Knit the doily to the desirable width to start slits for sleeves. In my case I knitted to the point, where the chord of my doily ( approximately 2 and 10 o’clock) is wide enough to cover 2/3rd to the end of my shoulders. Then I put on the stitch holder enough stitches along the edge of my doily for half armcye circumference ( see picture), because it will be knit later. On the next round don’t knit these stitches, instead cast on the same amount of sts and continue with the pattern (here is your another half of the armsye). Knit in rounds until the desirable length. Then, I knitted back a forth (flat) around the sides of doily only to create oval shape ( see pics). Finally, sleeves are optional. You can continue to knit your sts on the holder and pick up the rest of sts around armsyes or simply bind them off. I did short sleeves. The shrug is embellished with ruffles all around. Buttons are also optional.

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