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Project 25: VICTORIA - Fine art lace blouse

Started Dec 3, 2013- Finished Dec 13, 2013

VICTORIA - Fine art lace stole by Christiane Klink

Incorporates: Adult Pansy Dress pattern

Craft: Knitting

Size: Small

Needle: US 4 - 3.5 mm

Yarn: Wooly West Horizons Lace

1 skein = 525.0 yards (480.1 meters), 50 grams

Colorway: Black

Color family: Black

Horizons Lace

by Wooly West


100% Wool

525 yards / 50 grams


My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

Very feminine pattern.

Top. Bottom up, round knitting on US 4, 11reps wide (138 sts). Did no increases or decreases for the waist or chest, because the yarn is stretchy and springy, so, surprisingly, sits like fitted blouse.The motif is 12sts x 20R. The lace borders are done on crochet hook 2.35mm. Not very skilled at crocheting, but it was quite easy to follow the pattern. These crochet borders make all the difference for this garment! So delicate! Sleeves are knitted separately: 4 reps wide increased to 5 reps (60sts).

Skirt 1 (as accessory). I also made a skirt as an complimentary piece. It is made out 3 skeins of Extra fine mohair lace weight by “Be sweet” company. Top to bottom, started with 150 sts at waist and 350 sts at the bottom on US 11 with st sts. Waist band attached by 3 bind off method on US 6 in st. st. It is a very fine delicate piece also. Like a haze of cloud! Goes very well with the top.

Skirt 2. Decided to add another accessory to this outfit. Bottom up, using pattern “Adult pansy dress” started with 30 reps for 4 reps then reduced 10 reps, then knitted in ribbing pattern 2x2 to 132sts for 4” on US 8. Then picked up 300 sts on the bottom and increased to 600 sts by knitting in every st f&b, then continued in “adult pansy dress” pattern for 2 reps. Yarn is cascade kit seta mohair. Inserted elastic in waistband using crochet hook. Project from June 21-28, 2014. Slip is metallic curry color.

Slip. 100% polyester, navy color. Darker color slip underneath makes the texture of the blouse more subtle and emphasizes more my crochet border. If I wanted in the future to show off the texture of the blouse body, I would put silver color (or lighter color slip).

Note on the project. This is a very easy project for beginners too! Skirt 1 is 1 st only. Top is easy too. The pattern is super clear. Highly recommend!!!!

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