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Project 32: Mohair Leaf Shadow Duet

Started Apr 12, 2014 - Finished Apr 19, 2014

Barbara Walker

Incorporates: VICTORIA - Fine art lace stole pattern

Craft: Knitting

Size: Small

Needle :US 8 - 5.0 mm

Yarn: Cascade Yarns® Kid Seta (New Version)

3 skeins = 900.0 yards (823.0 meters), 75 grams

Colorway: white

Yarn Info:

Kid Seta (New Version)

by Cascade Yarns®


61% Mohair, 35% Silk, 4% Wool

300 yards / 25 grams


My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

Top. Circular, Bottom to top, 19 sts x 6 reps wide, 7 reps long. Borders around collar and sleeves are from Pattern “Victoria” (crochet). Here is my dirty secret: I cheated this time by knitting in circle all the way to shoulder seam, then I simply made slits to armsyes and sew shoulder seams. Then I crocheted around sleeves to secure sts and added crochet borders. It was much faster!

Skirt. Circular knitting, bottom to top, 14 reps wide at the bottom, 10 reps wide at the waist, 9 reps long. Elastic around the waist.

I have pulled this project off in 1 week, wow! Main reasons: large needles and the skirt is not too flared. I love this yarn! So soft and not too fuzzy, perfect!

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