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Project 41: Page 17/51 Assembly

Started Sep 1, 2014 - Finished Sep 22, 2014

Page 17/51 by Herbert Niebling

Incorporates: Dayflower motif

Incorporates: VICTORIA - Fine art lace stole pattern

Craft: Knitting

Size: Waist 26"


US 3 - 3.25 mm US 0 - 2.0 mm

Yarn used: 2,021 yards

Yarn: Knit Picks Curio

2.5 balls = 1802.5 yards (1648.2 meters), 250 grams

Colorway: White

Color family: White

Yarn: Silkindian Spun Silk 20/2

0.2 skeins = 218.6 yards (199.9 meters), 20 grams

Colorway: undyed

Color family: White

Yarn Info:

Spun Silk 20/2

by Silkindian


100% Silk

1093 yards / 100 grams


by Knit Picks

Thread, size 10

100% Cotton

721 yards / 100 grams


My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

Note on the pattern. It is a beautiful doily, however, the book “Knitted lace designs of Herbert Niebling” has A LOT of mistakes in this chart. If you study the pattern, they can be fairly easy to fix since there are a lot of repeated rows. No re-charting and frustration is necessary! If double yo’s don’t line up, then sts are missing somewhere before that, so I would look up previous rows that is just like this row and make appropriate corrections… EASY fix!

Note on the yarn. This this my second project out this cotton yarn. The fabric comes out really crisp and shines like silk. Love this yarn! The cotton is dyed in black using soda ash and acid dyes. And silk parts of this project are dyed in Jacquard acid dyes in black.

How to wear outfit. Since the pattern is so beautiful and I could not decide if I want a maxi dress or just knee-length dress, I will do BOTH!

--Look #1 (Knee-length dress): The skirt will be worn at the arsye area with straps attached to it and worn with a dress slip as a continuation of the skirt with a circular collar. Also a belt will be worn for a fitted look = knee-length dress.

--Look #2 (Maxi skirt):The skirt will be worn at my natural waist with any top or blouse = maxi.


Skirt. Cotton yarn, started with Row 23 to the end of the pattern. Cast on for 5 reps in rounds (instead of 8) to avoid super flared skirt towards the bottom. The skirt length is 42”. (Sep 1-19)

Circular collar (Look 1) Silk yarn, circular, in rounds on US 0, cast on 153 sts for 9 reps X 17 sts for Dayflower pattern. Cont to knit and increased to 18 reps in rounds over 2 reps in length. Then single crocheted 2 rows and then crocheted border “Victoria’s lace”. Next, crocheted in single st pattern on the top of the collar several rows reducing sts count for fitted and sturdy look and finished it with picot row. Not only this collar is great supplement piece for this skirt, it also can be worn with any blouse for the dressier look. Dyed it in grey, then painted it with a brush in black selectively. (Sep 20-22)

Top 2 (Look 2_Maxi skirt). Any blouse with a normal length.

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