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Project 42: Herringbone light coat

Started Oct 4, 2014 - Finished Oct 30, 2014

Knit Herringbone Scarf by Jaden Hair

Craft: Knitting

Size: Small


US 6 - 4.0 mm US 9 - 5.5 mm

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Merino Wool Silk Fingering Weight

6 skeins = 2640.0 yards (2414.0 meters), 600 grams

Colorway: Bare

Color family: White

Yarn Info:

Bare Merino Wool Silk Fingering Weight

by Knit Picks


70% Merino, 30% Silk

440 yards / 100 grams


Prelude. This is my second coat out this sts pattern, but much lighter version than my 1st coat. Herringbone makes fabric so dense and very suitable for outdoor wear. I needed something warm and stylish for fall/spring cool weather. I chose Knit Picks bare yarn because it is warm and can be easily dyed. I dyed the finished project in black.

I-cord row. When you are ready to finish your piece, on the right side cast on additional 2 sts. Then knit 2 sts, ssk. Then, put those 3 sts back to the left needle, repeat the pattern (k2,ssk, put back on the left needle). This row will look like a puffy band, which creates very finished and completed look. You can even use a different color of the yarn.


Top - Bottom up, 3 pieces: back, 2 fronts.

Back: On US 9 in herringbone pattern casted 134 sts, then did appropriate shaping for armsyes. Gauge: 6.7sts X 5.3R=1”.

Fronts: 60 sts on US 9, then did appropriate shaping for armsyes by binding off in foll: 4,2,1,2,2 sts on each side. When skirt was knitted and connected to the top, picked up on US 6 sts along the entire right side and knitted in seeding sts for 1 “ creating 9 large button holes, where last row is i-cord (see above how to do it).

Sleeves: On US 9 in herringbone 88 sts wide, length 15.5” to the armsyes +1” cuff on US 6 in seeding sts. Sleeve cap was shaped by binding off on each side in the foll: 5,3,2,1,x8, 10 5.3 sts.

Collar: On US 6 picked up 80 sts around the collar area using DK Knit picks bare merino wool knitted in seeding sts. I deliberately had switched to a heavy yarn to increase the thickness and stiffness of the fabric. Increased to 157 sts and finished the last row with i-cord (see above how to do it).

Skirt: Picked up 251 sts along the entire bottom of the top on US 9 continued to knit in herringbone for 22” and increased to 400 sts towards the bottom, then on US 6 started to knit in seeding sts for 2”. Decreased sts count to 360 sts first before knitting this band because herringbone is very dense pattern and seeding sts is more relaxed. Finished the last row with with i-cord (see above how to do it).

Pockets: On US 6 in seeding sts 31 sts wide knitted for 4.5”.

Belt: Custom made 1/2” leather belt.

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