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Project 46: Mossy Forest dress (Old Shale)

Started Nov 27, 2014 - Finished Dec 19, 2014

Feather and Fan Stitch, or Old Shale by Barbara G. Walker

Incorporates: #26 Diagonal Rib Top pattern

Craft: Knitting

Size: small


US 4 - 3.5 mm US 6 - 4.0 mm

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Revel

9 skeins = 2475.0 yards (2263.1 meters), 450 grams

46 Mossy Forest dress (Old Shale) 16 Moss



by Plymouth Yarn


85% Alpaca, 15% Merino

275 yards / 50 grams


Prelude. Old shale is a classic motif with natural scallop shape. I wanted to take the advantage of wavy edges and make the entire skirt out of the very long old shale ruffle to create pine tree look/ shape of the skirt.

Yarn. “Revel” yarn by Plymouth dyed very clever and artistically. The name of the color “moss” reflects perfectly real moss or mossy forest, hence, the name for this dress. It is soft and pleasant to work with.

Construction of the dress. Top is knitted flat diagonally including sleeves using method described in #26 Diagonal Rib Top. Skirt is a very long ruffle sewn is spiral manner on the mesh skirt.

Top. Cast on 3 sts, then cont to knit the triangle using the method described in “#26 Diagonal Rib Top” pattern. The difference that I knit in st sts and also included 5 sts nupps/rosettes all over the top as following: knit 5 sts f&b in 1 sts, move all sts back to the left needle and knit them all ktbl (through the back loop), cont to knit st sts. (2 pieces: the front and the back). After 2 pieces were put together, picked up sts around the top and knitted old shale ruffle repeating the motif 3 times (2.5” wide).

Sleeves. Knitted in the same manner as top in diagonal manner until reached the desired length. More notes on how I did these sleeves without shaping the cap sleeve.

Skirt. The entire skirt made out of the ruffles of various width progressively getting wider toward the bottom on US 6:

Cast on 990 sts and knitted old shale motif 3 times (2.5” wide ruffle).Cast on 1320 sts knitting 4 reps wide ruffle. Cast on 702 sts and knitting 5 reps wide ruffle. The skirt was sewn to the top.

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