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Project 48: Iris Cotton ball dress

Started Jan 4, 2015 - Finished Jan 6, 2015

Iris Shell by Rosemary Drysdale

Craft: Knitting

Size: Small


US 15 - 10.0 mm US 17 - 12.0 mm US 7 - 4.5 mm

Yarn used: 572 yards

Yarn: Knit Picks Curio

0.2 balls = 144.2 yards (131.9 meters), 20 grams

Colorway: White

Yarn: Tahki Yarns Rosa

4.6 skeins = 427.8 yards (391.2 meters), 230 grams

Colorway: 1 White

Yarn info:


by Tahki Yarns


100% Cotton

93 yards / 50 grams


My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

Prelude. This yarn is very textured, and therefore, I could get away with 1 st pattern (st sts) allover creating effortless lace pattern by itself. Using gigantic needles knitted fabric builds fast. I made skirt in 1.5 day!

Skirt portion. Top down, in rounds. Casted on US 15 70 sts and continued to knit for 12” increasing to 80 sts. Then switched needles to US 17 and continued to knit in st sts pattern in rounds until the desired length gradually increasing st count to 110 sts. Inserted elastic for a fitted look.

Top section. Top down, in round, yoke. Casted 40 sts increased to 6 sts for each sleeve + another 12 sts for bodice increase (total 80 sts). Cont to knit in st st pattern until reached armsye area and separated sleeves from the bodice (56 sts for bodice and 12 sts for each sleeve). Decreased bodice to 48 sts for the waist line, then added 4 sts for below waist comfort. Then, attached top to the skirt. Collar was knitted on US 7 with thread cotton yarn.

Sleeves. Knitted in rounds by knitting 12 sts on the st holder +plus picked up additional 8 sts around armpit area, knitted for 6 rows binded off.

Overall. This is a very simple dress, but effective looking and can be any beginner’s project. Also this project can be made for a gift, if in the time crunch.

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