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Project 5: Adult Pansy Dress

Started Mar 17,2012 - Finished Apr 7,2012

Adult Pansy Dress by Ellene Warren

Craft: Knitting

Size: 34" bust


US 7 - 4.5 mm

US 8 - 5.0 mm

US 9 - 5.5 mm


Koigu Premium Merino (KPM)

9 skeins = 1575.0 yards (1440.2 meters), 450 grams

Colorway: Purple

Dye lot: 112595

Color family:Purple

Premium Merino (KPM)

by Koigu


100% Merino

175 yards / 50 grams


My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

March 21,2012: I believe there is an errata in the pattern. On page 4, it says: BACK LEFT SIDE K10 3 times. It should be 4 times to match BACK LEFT SIDE.

April 8: When I ironed the dress, it looked so much better and I gained 6” in length! Awesome! I have deviated from the pattern a lot by adding more skirt flare with seeding stitches. I decreased the sleeves flare, so I can put cardigans without bulging. For those who wonder how to decrease flare for these particular sleeves, just simply do less repetitions b/w sleeve markers (instead of 7 reps for small sizes, I would do 3-4).

Another modification I have done is the trim. I did not do pansy flowers, instead I did circles and half circles with a crochet hook.

The yarn was an absolute pleasure to work with! I will buy more of this yarn in future. The pattern was easy to remember and easy to fix if a mistake was made. Highly recommend this pattern if you like 1 piece dress and want to avoid sewing.

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