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Project 51: Filemot dress (Art by Frost)

Started Feb 2, 2915 - Finished Feb 17, 2015

Filemot by Hunter Hammersen

Craft: Knitting

Size: Small

Needle: US 4 - 3.5 mm

Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Findley

1.8 skeins = 1436.4 yards (1313.4 meters), 180 grams

Colorway: White

Color family: White

Yarn Info:


by Juniper Moon Farm


50% Silk, 50% Merino

798 yards / 100 grams


Please, be advised that my face is totally Photoshopped and looks blemish free, I don’t look like that in the real life :).

My tutorials. See my tutorial how to block dresses: https://www.heavenlyclassyknits.com/tutorials

--PICTURES with UNDYED project are for people, who want to make a wedding dress out of it. --

Prelude. This is very easy pattern to memorize the entire motif 24sts x 6R (just use 14R-19R over and over). I love leafy curves in this pattern. They remind me of intricate motifs on the windows during winters, painted by frost. The “Findley” yarn cooperates so well and shows off sts vividly. I noticed that this motif does not stretch very easily and is quite dense, so plan to cast on more than normal amount of sts. When binding off this motif, it naturally scallops and, therefore, it beautifully embellishes the garment without effort!

Construction of the dress. Top down, yoke, 3/4 sleeves, 1 piece, seamless, circular knitting.

Top section. On US 4 casted 24sts x 6 reps=144 sts. Started to knit in leaf pattern, increasing st count for sleeves. When piece measured 3.5” , the sleeves had 24 sts x2 reps= 48 sts, so they were placed on st holder. Continued to knit bodice joining 144 sts and casting additional 24 sts under each armpit = 192 sts or 8 reps for the bodice. Continue to knit the motif with established st count until piece reached 7.5”, then increased by 32 sts , which is 1st increase (see notes below on how to). Total st count now is 224 sts (28 sts X 8 reps). Cont to knit until the desired length is reached at the natural waist. Then, binded off and using the crochet hook inserted elastic for a fitted look. Collar was crocheted with single st chain for 3 rows for a sturdy look.

Sleeves. No seaming, continuation of the bodice. Started to knit sts that were on the st holder and picked up additional 24 sts under the armpit area (total 3reps = 72 sts). Continued to knit in rounds the motif until reached the desired length. Cuffs were crocheted with single st chain for 3 rows for a sturdy look.

Skirt section. Picked up sts around the top, where elastic was inserted, then increased enough sts for 12 reps (288 sts). Cont to knit as established for 6”. Then increased by 48 sts by doing 1st increase (see below how-to) : 28 sts x 12 reps = 336 st and knitted established new st count for 3 reps or 18 R, then did 2nd increase: 32 sts x 12 reps = 384 st and knitted for 3 reps/24R. Then did 3rd increase, now I have 36sts x 12 reps= 432sts and knitted for 2 rep/16R. Then did 4th increase, now I have 40sts x 12reps=480 sts and knitted for 2 more reps/20R. Then a commercial lace border was sewen on the bottom of the skirt.

Notes on increasing the motif.

This motif is 24sts x 6R (14-19 rows in pattern): right side, center, and left side, where 24th sts is always purl, so 12th st is always a center. I also sectioned this motif by “sts after purl on the right side” (4 sts), “sts between decreases”(9 sts on 1st row and 0 sts on 6th R) , and “sts before purl on the left side”(4 sts). Thus here is formula how to increase gradually the leaves sizes. Always start increases on 1st row (14R in pattern), the beginning of the new motif:

1st increase:

Make 2 sts after purl (now 6 sts) and M2 sts (now 6 sts) before purl sections, and continue to knit as per pattern = 28 sts/per rep. Make sure to maintain the ribbing pattern!

2nd increase:

Make 4 sts between decrease sts: 2 before center st and 2 after (now 13 sts). AND you need to add 2 rows to the motif by knitting the travelling purl st on the 7th st on the 6th row and 8th st on the 7th row = 32sts x 8R. Make sure to maintain the ribbing pattern! This can be more understandable if a swatch is knitted to see how really easy this modification is. Contact me, if you still puzzled.

3rd increase:

Repeat 1st increase = 36sts x 8R

4th increase.

Repeat 2nd increase = 40sts x 10R, where you add a travelling purl on the 9th sts and 10th sts on the 8 and 9th rows.

AND etc if you need many increases. This way allows you to increase leaves sizes and not reps count. Besides it just looks more interesting when your leaves are growing :).

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