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Started Jan 17, 2016 - Finished Jan 27, 2016

Pattern: Koselig Blanket by Wool and the Gang

Craft: Knitting

Size: Extra Large 83"x83"

Needle: US 50 - 25.0 mm

Yarn: Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool

25 skeins = 2175.0 yards (1988.8 meters), 5000 grams

Colorway: Charcoal

Color family: Gray

Yarn Info:

Crazy Sexy Wool

by Wool and the Gang


100% Wool

87 yards / 200 grams


I am making extra large size by knitting 4 panels. This project could be a nightmare to wrestle with giant needles. Here are my tips:

Get yourselves cheap hollow US 50 straight needles 14” long or longer because they are light. I found it incredibly hard to work with circular needles because I had to scratch and move every st on the needle going from thin cord to really fat needle. The sts would simply had to be pulled and stretched onto the needle. Nightmare!!!I found working 2 double panels (or 1 panel) is easier than doing all panels at once in one row because the project can not be taken out of the house due to its size. Also it gets so heavy your arms will get serious workout after just a few rows. Nightmare!!!!

Tips on the needle purchase: I bought yarn from “ Wool and gang”. The yarn is nice. I also bought the needles from them. Please, do NOT buy them ( circular rosewood US 50). They broke immediately on row 4 in 2 places. I had to glue them together. Also made serious scratches on the tips, which tells me it is not a rosewood material. They never reimbursed me for those needles after I wrote to them. They simply disappeared on me (It is a UK company, I believe). And I ended up buying awesome cheap plastic straight needles from Hobby Lobby. Worked with this particular project perfectly!

Tip on the pattern. Unfortunately, you do have to buy the pattern even if you have spent $$$ on their yarn to make this blanket. I have bought 25 balls = $500!!! And they still made me buy pattern. As far as pattern,they didn’t even give instructions on how to make those tassels. Also they don’t give tips on how to make sure you are knitting those interlocking sts. Read below on how to do that. However, they do show a video on how to knit the fabric, found here.

Tips on how to do sts. The pattern does not emphasize that when you knit this fabric you need to make sure they interlock. When you make your first RS row, you will notice that you get “paired” sts. Next, on the WS, you always grab 1 sts in the short purl bump and 1 inside the long purl bump OR in other words, 1 st from 1 pair and 1 st from the other. Never knit paired sts together in the next row!! Otherwise, you will get huge gaps! When you knit on the RS, you need to grab 1 st before the long zigzag leaning to the right and 1 st after, OR in other words 1 st from 1 pair and 1 st from the other.

This is probably obvious, but it is hard to see if you made a mistake and started knit “ paired” st, realizing you make gigantic gaps in the fabric. Hope that helps! Good luck!!!

Update 2018. Still love the blanket. Although the yarn sheds a lot and you need to collect the fuzz, I have to admit that it is warm when you need it. It is perfect 2 ways: if you are shivering from cold especially when sick and can’t get warm, fold blanket in half and you will be pleasantly toasty in no time. If you don’t want to be too hot place blanket over the sheet for cover, the holes between yarn will give you plenty of ventilation to prevent overheating. I feel neither hot nor cold under it this way. That’s what interesting about this blanket. I find it super useful sleeping at night in the air conditioned rooms all year round. My favorite blanket ever!

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