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Scared to knit a lace dress? Would you like to knit together?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Dear knitters and all kind of crafters, I heard many of you saying that you would like to knit a dress , but you don't have skills or courage. Some of you suggested I should do a tutorial, but I was so afraid to do so!! Now, after breaking the ice with "Fruity Knitting" podcast where I was featured ( I thought there are no more excuses left for delays. If you are interested in making "Freya Dress" with me, could you please let me know, so I will get an idea how detailed the tutorial should be. I am currently writing up a pattern and hear you, I am in the HURRY :)))

I thought it would be lovely to knit step by step this dress and video taping the process. I already have several dresses of various colors, but I can always have one more!! This way, you can follow the steps and not feel overwhelmed knitting a lace dress.

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